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Fire Safety Consultant

We delicately ensure our professional services are of great satisfaction to our clients. Compliments and complaints are dealt with a degree of seriousness. If the services you are looking for is not listed below, do take pleasure in engaging us to explore the possibility of providing one.

BK Security and Detectives is a pioneer in fire safety engineering consultancy services in India and the region. We are equipped with the tools of the trade: advanced fire and smoke modelling techniques, structural fire modelling expertise, egress modelling skills and hands-on experience in risk and safety assessment. With our experience and understanding of fire safety issues, we are able to provide a fire safety engineering design that utilizes innovative fire engineering solutions and strategies for projects of all types. Fire Safety Engineering (FSE) Design is better able to meet the architectural aspirations and functional requirements of the development whilst attaining a high level of life safety, property protection and business continuity. The use of fire engineering may also sometimes offer a comparatively economical solution compared to a strictly prescriptive design.

Service Includes:

  • Performance-based fire safety design
  • Fire Safety Audits
  • Fire Risk Assessment / System Assurance
  • Design of Fire Safety Systems
  • Engineered Smoke Control Design
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics of Fire / Smoke Movement
  • Computational Evacuation modelling of Occupants
  • Structural Fire Modeling of Structures
  • Fire Safety Training
  • Development of Fire Emergency and Evacuation Plans
  • Site Inspection, Testing & Commissioning
  • Blast impact analysis due to terrorist events etc

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